Keto Summer Favorites eCookbook 🍓💨


60 keto and gluten free recipes (weeknight meals + weekend specials)

Nutritional information for all the recipes

Recipes in both metric and US Cups

A gnom-gnom standard: photo spreads for all the recipes!

Over thirty savory recipes, with awesome weeknight meals

Easy-to-understand (and detailed!) instructions

The eCookbook in both ePub and interactive PDF formats

And of course, the exciting and bold flavors you know and love!


gnom-gnom's Keto Summer Favorites Cookbook
gnom-gnom’s Keto Summer Favorites Cookbook


For just $11.99!

And select the bundle deal with Keto Comfort Foods at checkout to save 40%!!

gnom gnom by PVDH
gnom gnom by PVDH

I want to take this time to thank you.

To thank you for reading, for engaging, for sending love. I learn new things daily from all your comments and kitchen stories! I honestly could’ve never foreseen the sharing community of food-loving peeps that gnom-gnom has grown to become in this past year. And I’ll forever be thankful to you, for it.  

The internet really does provide a wonderful flow of information that knows no bounds!

It makes me happier than I could ever describe to read all your comments and pictures, and will always strive to make the recipes available to all. 

xo! Paola

For just $11.99!

And select the bundle deal with Keto Comfort Foods at checkout to save 40%!!


  1. rose says:

    I love baking. Home made scratch baked goods are my weakness. So I was very excited to try the keto friendly baked goods recipes I was finding, but disappointed every time with practically inedible results. I had almost given up! Enter gnom gnom. I held my breath, and crossed my fingers as I dived into making the blueberry galettes. Wow with the all-butter crust, fresh blueberries, and topped off with whipped cream. They were delicious. I couldnt believe how amazingly golden, buttery and flakey that crust came out.

    Thank you Paola and cohorts in delishousness for these recipes. Next….chocolate freezer pops.
    Your friend

  2. Cheryl F.R. says:

    Hi, just wanted to say “Thank you” for your creative, delicious, approach to healthy eating. I have been doing L.C. for 14 years, the first 18 months I lost over 130 pounds. Every day I look forward to a new inspiration of yours.
    I was so excited yesterday to order your nooda however you don’t ship to Canada. I am going to stay positive in the belief that will change in the future. Congratulations on selling out on you new creation!

  3. monika says:

    THANK YOU! Thank you for all of these recipes, thank you for free recipes, thank you for your time! Love them all! appreciate all your hard work!

  4. Kira Thomas says:

    Could you just print the recipes and put them in a 3 ring binder? I know I prefer a hard copy as well, but I am willing to print, place in a sheet protector with a colorful binder…..cute and ready!

  5. LeanneKen says:

    I would prefer a hard copy spiral bound cookbook, I know call me old-fashioned there is just something about beautifully bound books with photographs of wonderful items to prepare that get me interested in getting back in the kitchen. When will a hard copy be available?

    • Patti Garcia says:

      Hi There! Thank You for the WONDERFUL free recipes! Love your instructions too … I agree … a SPIRAL bound book would be awsome to open and work with while cooking … THANK YOU!!!

  6. Diana Rey says:

    I can not thank you enough for your books, this site and all your work !! ; as has been said here by many, you are the best keto chef 😉 , there is not a single day that I not use your recipes for me and my Family !

    My best wishes for you

    Eres lo máximo !! Tienes un talento maravilloso !!

    Diana (Colombia)

  7. Claudia Ioanes says:

    These recipies are wonderful. Ive got supplies in. My question is, do you have some recipies for salad dressings and mayo in the books.
    Love your recipe site. Thanks

  8. Dianna Dell says:

    Hello Paola

    I recently purchased you cook book bundle but I have had difficulty downloading the summer favorites cook book, I received the comfort food with no problems at all, I was wandering if you could help me out please? Maybe resending it, anything you can do to help would be appreciated as I am dying to try some of the recipes. Thank you in advance

    Di Dell

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